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About Us

Black Pixion Studio

We do what we love, We create what we fond. We serve our passion with our clients.

Black Pixion Studio is a professional photography agency that provides not only professional shoots of all kinds, but also a studio space available for rental for events, showcases, workshops, or space for private shoots.

We photograph local and international celebrities as well as well-known personalities. We also work with celebrity make-up artists and hair stylists.

Apart from that, Black Pixion Studio also supports S.E.A and local designers, hoping to spread the knowledge of arts, culture, and fashion in Johor Bahru to a whole new level. We provide a strong team to fulfill your production requirements of all kinds. The concept of the studio is basically engaging a mix of European vibe and culture, providing a very industrial yet relaxing atmosphere for people while they are working in our creative studio space.

Lastly, our spacious photo studio makes it easy for the entire production team to work around and conduct any shoot of all sizes.


Adrian Jiun


Creative Director



Alison Teo


In-house Graphic Designer
Photo Retoucher


Jacky Tan


Producer & Cinematographer

Film Maker





Film Maker

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